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Shelving Bins

Shelving with Bins is designed for areas in which handled manually insead of being transported on a pallet. it is easy to install, easy to adjust. Especially, these can be used for storage spare parts
Product description
Product Description
Shelving with Bins is designed for areas in which handled manually insead of being transported on a pallet. it is easy to install, easy to adjust. Especially, these can be used for storage spare parts. 
1.Storage Shelving
The size can be customized.
Use Leader storage shelving to build a Shelving System that will meet the needs of your facility. storage shelving is the ideal way to increase storage space because you can connect multiple units using shared uprights or you can set up a single, free-standing unit.
(More infos: longspan shelving)
2.Stackable plastic bins
Stackable Bins, storage suitable for factories, office variety of small parts, materials, stationery and so on.Widely used in machinery, automobile, home applliances, light industry, electronics and other industries, to acid and alkali resistance, oil, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used to contain food, easy to cleam, spare parts box, turnover convenient neatly stacked, convenient management.
(More infos: Plastic bins)
Product Features
Longspan shelving
Versatile shelving system
Strong and durable construction
Adjustable shelving
Fast and easy to assemble or disassemble
Uprights provide excellent strength and rigidity
Reliable, bolted, braced frames also provide safety and strength
Various standard sizes available
Option of increasing shelf load capacity
Reduce the uprights required and create more space
Can be easily demounted, relocated or reconfigured
Lifetime Warranty - Conditions apply
Plastic bins
-Available in many sizes and colors
-100% virgin PP
- Can be stacked or used as stand-alone bins
-Can be used on shelving or hung from panels
-Can be used with optional dividers and they have label slots for easy identification of products.
- Heavy duty and long-lasting
Product Specifications
Longspan shelving


Length 1,000mm-3,000mm
Width 500mm-1,500mm
Height 1,000mm-8,000mm
Loading capacity Max. 10 Tons



Model  Size
Color Pieces
LD-001 100*160*74 3kg 0.102 red,yellow,blue 50
LD-002 150*240*124 7kg 0.26 red,yellow,blue 36
LD-003 200*340*155 15kg 0.555 red,yellow,blue 18
LD-004 200*450*177 30kg 0.815 red,yellow,blue 12
LD-005 300*450*177 50kg 1.005 red,yellow,blue 8


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