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Mezzanine Racking System
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Mezzanine Racking System

Mezzanine racks were supported by structural steel upright frames and elements, or by racks or shelves.
Mezzanines rack also can cope with many different applications,
Product description
Product Description
Mezzanine racks were supported by structural steel upright frames and elements, or by racks or shelves.
Mezzanines rack also can cope with many different applications, from storage using racking or shelving on top and below the mezzanine, to the support of very heavy machinery or additional office space.
Mezzanine floor components
Uprights, Steel plate or steel meshes, handrails, gates, staircases and ladders
Uprights: Support the whole mezzanine.
Steel plate: Leader steel Plate provides outstanding wear resistance, with the pattern reducing slippage. It is excellent for heavy loads.
Steel meshes: Steel mesh is a strong and versatile open deck. It allows maximum transfer of heat, sound, and ventilation between levels while retaining strength and rigidity
Handrails: This handrail system offers strength and durability. All connections are concealed within the posts to prevent unsightly extensions or visible handrail joints. 
Gates: Gates can be single way, or double slide ways.
Staircases: staircases install quickly and easily at any predetermined point on the Mezzanine. staircases are available in widths and finishes to suit your environment.
Product Features
1. To create multiple storage levels under mezzanine area with open area on top
2. To create multiple storage levels below and on top of mezzanine
3. Ideal for bulk document storage
4 .To create partition type storage under mezzanine
Product Specifications
Size  Customized
Height 2,000mm-8,000mm
Loading capacity 250kg/sqm-800kg/ per sqm


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