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Medical Facilities

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Leader designs, delivers and installs a wide range of medical shelving solutions and custom-made systems for lots of pharmaceuticals company.
Leader designs, delivers and installs a wide range of medical shelving solutions and custom-made systems for lots of pharmaceuticals company.
When Australia client need building Medical warehouse to storing many kinds of medical supplies Contacted us about racking system,we knew we had to choose longspan shelving to meets customer’s requirments.
Health and safety was another huge priority for our customer on this project, and we were really proud to win this contract with the help of our certification and commitment to safety.
We produced and exported 1,000 bays of longspan shelving, which as well as being really sturdy and versatile, was also a great-looking option.
After installed,our customer said the longspan shelving’s design and layout meets their requirment,and which would inmprove its picking.
Medical Facilities
Let's see what our client said more,
"Miss Annie showed every details of their longspan shelves. And I went to Jinan,China,had great time with great leader representives. Leader specially designed for the medical, pharmacy and hospitality markets and conform to the relevant Australian Standards."
-Australia, Markk
If your company needs design and layout your any warehouse,please get in touch. We’ll advise on the range of options, find the one which best suits your business,and provide free layout,as well as we provide free technical support and install drwaing.
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