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Heavy-duty Racks and Medium-duty Shelving

Heavy-duty Racks and Medium-duty Shelving

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The medium-duty Shelving and the heavy-duty pallet racks are the two most common used racks in various industries. But how to differ them from each other? And how to choose a more appropriate one ...
The medium-duty Shelving and the heavy-duty pallet racks are the two most common used racks in various industries. But how to differ them from each other? And how to choose a more appropriate one according to goods?
1. It is obvious that their loading capacity is different from their name. The loading capacity of the medium-duty shelving is 200-500kg per layer, while the heavy-duty racks’ loading capacity is 500-4000kg /layer.
2. The medium-duty shelving consists of three main part : Beam, Upright post, and Panel. But heavy-duty rack has no panel, since it can stack pallet to load more goods diversity in kind and large in quantity.
The type of goods should be considered as the most important factor in choosing a suit rack, since a heavy-duty rack is a waste to some extent for some light goods, such as medical, food and so on, while a medium-duty shelving will be damaged to load those heavy goods, such as the machinery parts, tire, and other heavy goods.
Another factor is the way of access. The goods on medium-duty shelving should be accessed by human for the light weight of goods. But the access of the heavy goods on selective pallet rack should operated by forklift, since the goods set on pallets are very heavy. Whats more, pallet racks means that all goods are set on the pallets, which make it possible for every pallet to be accessed individually. That being the case, this flexibility and convenience are popular among those whose pallets are in various sizes.
Considering the above mentioned, we can distinguished these two kind of racks, and know how to choose a suitable rack when we need.