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Automobile and Components

Automobile and Components

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Many of our customers have special material handling needs that require a customized rack solution. Some of these auto racks are designed to ensure part separation in transit to prevent damage.
Many of our customers have special material handling needs that require a customized rack solution. Some of these auto racks are designed to ensure part separation in transit to prevent damage. We have made rack to carry windshields, engines, radiators, carpet rolls, hoods, body panels and many more products. 
The advantage of this type of Leader rack are as follows:
Reduce product damage
Eliminate the need to continually reorder expensive disposable packaging
Increase efficiency of in house handling
Store difficult to handle items
Here is a sample of the different kinds of custom steel returnable storage racks that we can manufacture:
Engine Rack, engine cover rack, outboard motor rack and axle rack.
Bumper rack, window glass rack, mirror rack, door panel rack and bag rack with vynal dividers.
Dashboard rack and instrument panel rack.
Lawnmower rack, heavy equipment racks.
“Yeah, all of our Tires, Doors, Bumpers, Radiators ,Engine Covers ,Window Frames, etc., are stored properly, protected from contaminants, and be easily accessible for the production process. Anyway, Leader is great, and they provide storage solutions for different types of automotive components, as well as plastic and metal raw materials.
 -Chua, Phillipine
“Mrs. Diana shows her professional knowledge and happy to discuss our specific automotive project requirements. Thanks to leader’s car storage racks, we will never have to reorder disposable packaging to meet our needs. I am extremly excited to say: Leader’s racks that can help you operate more efficiently
- Holdsworth, Australia
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